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Liver changes in patients with hyperthyroidism

01-ago-1991 | Revista: Liver

Sola J, Pardo-Mindán FJ, Zozaya J, Quiroga J, Sangro B, Prieto J.
Department of Pathology, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, Faculty of Medicine, Pamplona, Spain

We studied liver changes in the hepatic biopsies of five patients with hyperthyroidism. A characteristic histopathologic picture consisting of mild to moderate intrahepatocytic cholestasis, lobular inflammatory infiltrate with some eosinophils, and Kupffer cell hyperplasia was found in all cases.

We discuss the specificity, clinicopathological correlations and the possible pathophysiology of these lesions.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO Liver. 1991 Aug;11(4):193-7