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Importance of copper in respiratory distress syndrome in newborn rats

01-mar-1993 | Revista: Revista Española de Fisiología

Sarricolea ML, Villa-Elízaga I, Monreal I.

To investigate the effect of copper-deficiency on Respiratory Distress Syndrome in newborn rats, 30 female Sprague-Dawley rats were used.

The animals were divided at random into 3 groups of 10: The copper-deficient group was fed a copper-free diet from 35 days before gestation to delivery; the control group, fed a copper adequate diet and the pair-fed group was fed a limited copper adequate diet.

After birth, an important percentage of the copper-deficient newborn showed symptoms of respiratory distress syndrome, such as apnoea, tachypnoea, and subcostal retraction; however, the pulmonary surfactant in the three groups did not present quantitative significant differences.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO Rev Esp Fisiol. 1993 Mar;49(1):49-53