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Ilioinguinal neuropathy: usefulness of conduction studies

01-ene-2004 | Revista: Neurología

Arcocha Aguirrezábal J., Irimia Sieira P., Soto O.

Ilioinguinal neuropathy is an under-recognized etiology of pelvic pain, that is frequently misdiagnosed with alternative etiologies of pelvic pain.

This is partially due to the limited usefulness of neurophysiological studies. Indeed, electromyography of the lower abdominal musculature identifies slightly more than half of the cases. In spite of an available conduction technique described in normal subjects, the usefulness of nerve conduction studies in ilioinguinal neuropathy is uncertain because their use has not been validated with patients. We describe the case of a patient with left inguinal pain following left inguinal herniorraphy.

He underwent repeated surgeries and several analgesic treatments, without amelioration of pain. Conduction studies were consistent with ilioinguinal neuropathy. Anesthetic block relieved symptoms temporarily, and the symptoms disappeared upon section of the ilioinguinal nerve. This case describes the usefulness of conduction studies in the diagnosis of ilioinguinal neuropathy.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO Neurologia. 2004 Jan-Feb;19(1):24-6