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Diffuse T-cell lymphoma of the cervix uteri: an unusual localization of an infrequent tumor

01-ago-2000 | Revista: Anales de Medicina Interna

Pomares Arias E, Payeras Mas M, Conchillo Armendáriz MA, García González N, Prieto Valtueña J.

Non-Hodgkin lymphomas are frequent tumors. However, extraglandulary forms are very unusual, and the location in the uterine cervix is also extraordinary. A case of an elderly woman with symptoms not related with the tumor, in whom the diagnosis was made from the incidental finding of a distended obstructive bladder is presented.

Pelvic mass is one of the forms of presentation of primary malignant lymphomas of the uterine cervix. Diagnosis was made in this case by transvaginal biopsy under general anesthesia. Biopsy showed a diffuse T-cell lymphoma, a very rare finding considering that most of published cases are B-cell type.

The importance of distinguishing malignant lymphoma from undifferentiated carcinoma or sarcoma is emphasized since cervical malignant lymphoma can be successfully treated with irradiation.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  An Med Interna. 2000 Aug;17(8):432-3