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Aseptic diaphyseal pseudarthrosis: treatment by rigid internal fixation

01-ene-1984 | Revista: Archives of Orthopeadic and Traumatic Surgery

Imízcoz JL, Villas C, Valentí JR, Cañadell J.


The authors define their concepts with regard to nonunion of fractures and study the possible causes of aseptic diaphyseal pseudarthrosis in the 182 cases in their casuistics. They have found that the indication for osteosynthesis was incorrect in 34% of the cases and when it was correct, the technique was poor in 58%.

The authors conclude that the risk of nonunion in fractures and nonconsolidation of pseudarthrosis can be minimished if there is: (1) correct indication with respect to type and level of fracture or pseudarthrosis; (2) choice of an appropriate internal fixation method; and (3) good achievement of the selected osteosynthesis.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 1984;103(1):62-6