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A long-term retrospective review of 5 cases using daptomycin for prosthetic device infections after surgery

01-may-2009 | Revista: The International Journal of Artificial Organs

Quetglas EG, San Julian M, Garcia Tutor E, Vazquez B, Lucena F, Landecho M, Azanza JR.

To review the antimicrobial possibilities for limb-sparing due to infectious complications after surgery in patients diagnosed with osteosarcoma and with implantation of prosthetic devices.

Patients and Progress
After several episodes of relapsing infection or even re-infection and failure of previous therapies, 5 patients (2 young, female / 1 young, male / 2 middle-aged, female) were subject to a long-term ambulatory regimen consisting of intravenous administration of daptomycin.

Showed improved outcome with preservation of the limbs or devices involved. Conclusion: Five patients with post-operative gram-positive suspected infections of prosthetic devices that were unresponsive to a variety of other antibiotics and combinations appeared to respond to compassionate use of daptomycin. its effectiveness is probably due to its activity against biofilmproducing microorganisms. Controlled, double-blind randomized trials are needed to confirm the potential of daptomycin in such patients.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Int J Artif Organs. 2009 May;32(5):299-307