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A comprehensive examination of small-bowel capsule endoscopy in Spanish centers to meet European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy standards

07-mar-2024 | Revista: Endoscopy International Open

Míriam Gómez Villagrá  1 , César Prieto de Frías  2 , Diego Martinez-Acitores de la Mata  3 , Maite Alonso-Sierra  2 , Noelia Alonso-Lazaro  4 , Noemí Caballero  5 , Francisco Sanchez Ceballos  6 , Luis Compañy  7 , Juan Egea Valenzuela  8 , Pilar Esteban  9 , Sergio Farráis  10 , Ignacio Fernández-Urién  2 , Consuelo Galvez  11 , Almudena García  12 , Javier García Lledó  13 , Begoña González Suárez  14 , Victoria-Alejandra Jiménez-García  15 , Marisol Lujan-Sanchís  16 , Beatriz Mateos Muñoz  17 , Cristina Romero-Mascarell  18 , Mileidis San Juan Acosta  19 , Eduardo Valdivielso Cortázar  20 , Antonio Giordano  21   22 , Cristina Carretero  2

Background and study aims
In 2019, the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) created a working group to develop technical and quality standards for small-bowel capsule endoscopy (SBCE) to improve the daily practice of endoscopy services. They developed 10 quality parameters, which have yet to be tested in a real-life setting. Our study aimed to evaluate the accomplishment of the quality standards in SBCE established by the ESGE in several Spanish centers.

Materials and methods
An online survey of 11 multiple-choice questions related to the ESGE performance measures was sent to Spanish centers with experience in SBCE. In order to participate and obtain reliable data, at least 100 questionnaires had to be answered per center because that is the minimum number established by ESGE.

20 centers participated in the study, compiling 2049 SBCEs for the analysis. Only one of 10 performance measures (cecal visualization) reached the minimum standard established by the ESGE. In five of 10 performance measures (Indication, lesion detection rate, terminology, and retention rate) the minimum standard was nearly achieved.

Our study is the first multicenter study regarding SBCE quality performance measures in a real setting. Our results show that the minimum standard is hardly reached in most procedures, which calls into question their clinical applicability in real life. We suggest performing similar studies in other countries to evaluate whether there is a need for quality improvement programs or a need to reevaluate the minimum and target values published so far.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Endosc Int Open. 2024 Mar 7;12(3):E344-E351.  doi: 10.1055/a-2252-8946.