To treat the diseases that can arise in the liver, the Hepatology Unit at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra has the latest treatments available, which they carry out under the best recommendations for each particular case.

We have vast experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cirrhosis of the liver,
viral hepatitis, hepatic tumours, etc.

We are pioneering in carrying out procedures and treatment follow-up care, such as hepatic transplants and radioembolisation with Yttrium-90 microspheres. Our extensive experience and constant research mean we achieve excellent results. 


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If you require the opinion of our experts without having to travel to the Clinica, we offer the possibility of a Second Medical Opinion consultation.

An increased level of fat in the liver is known as steatosis and, nowadays, is easily detectable through ultrasound.

In the majority of cases it can be a minor change, associated with being overweight, but in other cases it can result in the development of a more serious disease, such as steatohepatitis, which is also related to alcohol consumption.

In both cases, these initial stages of the disease can progressive and develop, if not treated in time, into cirrhosis of the liver

The term cirrhosis of the liver refers to the presence of fibrosis lesions that regrow in the liver, like scars and is the final phase of many diseases which affect the liver, including viral hepatitis, alcohol-induced liver disease and other metabolic and autoimmune diseases, etc.

As it progresses, gradually the liver´s function will deteriorate and anatomical changes will cause circulation changes as hypertension and other consequences develop. 

Viral Hepatitis is an inflammatory disease in the liver caused by different viruses which it is capable of producing. Amongst which, the most common are the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses.

In its early stages, over the first few years, very few symptoms are felt but this is when it most important to be diagnosed for a more successful treatment of the condition.

Without treatment, these diseases are capable of developing into cirrhosis of the liver and can put the patient´s life in danger, and in fact, this is one of the most common reasons for liver transplant. 

The main or primary liver cancer, hepatocarcinoma, is a relatively rare tumour which appears above all in patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, amongst other conditions.

Secondary tumours or metastasis in the liver from tumours in other parts of the body are more common, above all, lung, colon, breast and pancreatic tumours, etc.

Follow up care for hepatic patients, or for other forms of cancer, is carried out with the most modern diagnostic and imaging methods. In many cases, a very early diagnosis is possible and as a result, any necessary treatment, including surgery or transplants, can begin earlier. 

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