Hepatic transplant


over 90%
survival rate after one year
1 of the 2
Spanish centres that
carries out hepatic transplants in living donors
more than 400
hepatic transplants carried out
Imagen Conchi Soto

It seemed impossible, you don't understand how in such a short space time you will start living a normal life again. And, it's all thanks to someone who's donated their organs.

Conchi S.

Transplant patient. President of the Navarran Association for transplant patients and hepatic diseases

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The Clínica performs for the first time in Europe a new technique of liver transplantation. [Video only available in Spanish]
La radioembolización es un tratamiento novedoso para los tumores hepáticos no operables. Consiste en la administración en la arteria hepática a través de un catéter de unas esferas microscópicas cargadas de Ytrio-90, un elemento emisor de radiación de escasa penetración. La radiación que emiten estas microesferas ataca lentamente al tumor,  respetando el hígado sano.
Radioembolisation is a novel treatment for inoperable liver tumors. [Video only available in Spanish]
Historia de una hija que donó parte de su hígado a su madre. A pesar de que España es el país del mundo con mayor índice de donaciones de órganos, el número de receptores supera al de donantes. Por esta  razón, en los últimos años se vienen realizando trasplantes hepáticos de donante vivo,  en los que se extirpa una parte del hígado del donante (generalmente  será un familiar del receptor) y se le implanta al enfermo.
Story of a daughter who donated part of his liver to his mother. [Video only available in Spanish]

A multidisciplinary area

A team of professionals work together to offer each individual patient the best possible solution

More than 300 radioembolisations

We have the most experience of this procedure of any European centre and succeed in controlling the hepatocarcinoma in 90% of cases

More than 20 years' experience

We are pioneers in carrying out liver transplants, and one of the three Spanish centres that carry out hepatic transplants from a living donor

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Your health is our main objective.
We are here to help you and provide all the information you need.

Living-donor liver transplantation allows us to choose the best time to perform the operation, which enormously increases the possibilities for success."



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