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23 noviembre 2018
24 noviembre 2018

ESSO Course on Localization Techniques for Guided Breast Cancer Surgery

With a faculty of well-known experts from European centres of excellence for intraoperative guided breast surgery (including intraoperative ultrasound and magnetic markers guided surgery), this course intends to address and explore a variety of topics, from principles, indications, surgical planning and decision making to operative techniques and complication management. 

By enhancing your knowledge in guided breast cancer surgery you will be able to extend the indications of breast conservation and significantly improve your patients'oncological and aesthetic outcomes, achieving high patient satisfaction.

The course will provide a practical, workshop-based approach to advance expertise and clinical competency for surgeons who use ultrasound and ultrasound-guided procedures and other types of guidance as magnetic markers in their practice.

Educational methods

  • Practical sessions (human and synthetic models)  in the use of US and US-guided breast biopsies intra-operative ultrasound guided surgery and magnetic guided surgery
  • Video-based discussion sessions "step-by-step"
  • Case-based discussion sessions

Main topics

  • The basics and principles of breast and axillary ultrasound
  • The basics and magnetic markers and ferromagnetic devices
  • Recognize normal and abnormal variation in breast ultrasound examination
  • Use of breast and axillary US
  • Demonstrate ultrasound-guided interventional procedures on breast phantoms
  • Placement of clips (magnetic and US visible) under US guidance
  • Intraoperative ultrasound and magnetic seed breast guided surgery in the adjuvant and neoadjuvant setting
  • Targeted axillary dissection-sentinel node post-noeaduvant treatment

Participants profile

  • Trainees in breast surgery, surgical oncology
  • General surgery residents with breast interest
  • Residents in breast surgery, surgical oncology
  • Specialists breast surgeons
  • Gynecologists with breast interest or with breast sub-specialty



Clínica Universidad de Navarra
​Calle Marquesado de Santa Marta, 1
​28027 Madrid, SP

The venue is easily reachable by metro from Madrid Barajas Airport (line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios, then line 6 to Diego de León and finally line 5 to Suances). The metro station is around 10' far from the venue.


We can recommend the following hotels close to the venue:

Ibis Madrid Calle Alcalá, 10' far from the venue
Hotel Melià Avenida de América, 4' far from the venue
Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid, 13' far from the venue

You can of course stay in any other hotel of your choice. The venue and the hotels are very well connected by metro to the city center.

Further information

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