International patients

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra treats thousands of patients from more than 50 countries each year.

If you live outside of Spain and you wish to be seen at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, the personnel that deal with international patients in the External Relations Area will assign a contact person to you who will assist you in all that needs to be done so that you can see a specialist.

(+34) 948 255 400

You can contact us Internacional Patient Service

If you want to make an on-line payment through our web page, you can access the International Patients Payment Gateway.

What we do for our international patients?

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Imagen durante su estancia en la Clínica 
Imagen después de su estancia en la Clínica 
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Determine the specialist best suited to deal with your condition.

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Choose an appointment that best adapts to your needs and circumstances.

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Prepare an estimate of the cost of your medical treatment.

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Put you in contact with an external travel agency that can advise you about the possibilities of accommodation near to the Clínica.

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You will be received when you arriveand you will be put in contact with the Coordination Services in order to take you through all the steps necessary before you can be given medical treatment.

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You will be accompanied to the departments and medical services where you will be treated. We will look for an assistant (doctor, nurse…) who speaks your language.

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An assessment will be made by our Dietary Service to provide you with information and when necessary, to prepare meals adapted to your customs.

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Optimised Coordination of the attention in the Check-up Area of the Clínica for your companion should they wish to request a consultation or take a preventative test.

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A date will be fixed for your next visit in function of your availability and capacity to come to Pamplona.

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Our Pharmacy Service will perform a study in order to inform you about the names used in your country of residence for the medications prescribed for you at the Clínica.

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You will be given a copy of any X-Ray tests performed, either on film or as digital files.



La Clínica es el hospital privado con la mayor dotación tecnológica de España, todo en un único centro.

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Conozca las historias de nuestros pacientes. Historias de lucha, esperanza y superación, son historias de la Clínica.

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Por qué somos diferentes a otros centros sanitarios. Calidad, rapidez, comodidad y resultados.

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