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Medical consultation

In order to make it possible for our specialists to assess your Second Opinion consultation, you must send us all the medical documentation that you may consider relevant.

The Second Opinion consultation in the Psychiatry Department is always face to face in order to achieve a correct diagnosis of the patient. If you wish to request it, you can book your appointment from the following form.

Required Documentation

Prepare this documentation as you will be able to attach it at the time of sending the form or, if you prefer, later through your personalized space in the Patient Area*.


  • Attach the last complete report issued by your specialist detailing the diagnosis, the evolution of the disease and the treatments proposed and/or received).
  • Images of the latest diagnostic tests performed.


  • Image of the applicant's ID card or passport.
  • In case the patient is a minor, image of the document proving the status of parent or legal guardian (ID card of the minor or family book).

*If you do not yet have access to the Patient Area of the Clinic we will provide you with a username and password so that you can access and upload the documentation whenever you wish.