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More than 2.500 professionals work exclusively at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, so as to offer our patients the very best possible medical care and personal attention. 

Thanks to this model our specialists distribute their time among three tasks that we consider essential for excellent care and continuous improvement: medical care, teaching, and research. In this way we ensure ongoing professional training and development, which yield benefits for our patients.

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Las patologías, en la mayoría de las ocasiones, requieren de la experiencia y los conocimientos de más de una especialidad médica. Es por ello que, para conseguir un tratamiento eficaz, es necesario que los especialistas de diferentes disciplinas trabajen coordinados, en equipo y con un mismo objetivo: el mejor resultado para el paciente, en el menor tiempo posible.

Entendemos que el trabajo en equipo multidisciplinar fomenta la creatividad e innovación, y facilita la integración de conocimientos y el abordaje de cada enfermedad con una perspectiva global.

La Clínica se organiza en Departamentos según las especialidades médicas que atienden. Los departamentos trabajan en estrecha colaboración con aquellos relacionados con las patologías que tratan, buscando siempre un abordaje multidisciplinar del paciente.

Además, la Clínica cuenta con Unidades y Áreas multidisciplinares, compuestas por médicos y profesionales de diferentes especialidades, centrados en una patología concreta. De esta forma, se refuerza la coordinación y colaboración entre especialistas para poder ofrecer al paciente el diagnóstico y tratamiento más adecuado, en plazos de tiempo mínimos.

The Clínica's professionals are committed to performing their work with the utmost professional and human competence. This way of conceiving their work prompts everyone to work as team members, to seek excellence, to serve others with their efforts, and to assume responsibility for their professional decisions and actions.

One of the essential differences characterizing the Clínica is that, due to its model, based on exclusive dedication, all our specialists divide their time between attending to patients, teaching, and research. Our professionals understand that education and research mean new opportunities for our patients, and our model was designed with this in mind.

Thus, a large number of our professionals are professors at the University, or serve as teachers or advisors to our Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology and Psychology residents, which compels them to constantly refresh their knowledge. In addition, university interest in research, with its practical facet, helping patients in a more effective way, means that the Clínica's professionals engage in research projects, are in contact with specialists worldwide, and participate in courses and conferences. They are, therefore, apprised of the latest advances in the treatment of diseases.



If you require the opinion of our experts without having to travel to the Clínica, we offer the possibility of a remote Second Medical Opinion consultation.

multidisciplinary areas: A DIFFERENT CONCEPT

The teamwork undertaken by the Clínica's different specialists is one of the aspects that sets it apart. Integrated and coordinated professionals address pathologies in a multidisciplinary way, making possible fast diagnoses and appropriate and effective treatment.

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The Clínica is the spanish private hospital with the greatest technological equipment in one single center.

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If you live outside of Spain and you wish to receive care at the Clínica, learn about our services for international patients.

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